Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90mm Telescope Review

This is the first telescope from the Bushnell series that we have reviewed here at the Telescope Hub, so let’s venture into the basic design philosophy of the Bushnell range, and see how the Bushnell Northstar 90 mm telescope measures up!

The basic design of the Bushnell Northstar is based on the Maksutov Cassegrain model, which is a variant on the basic reflector telescope design, which constructed with a wide aperture above a hollow telescope tube.  The hollow tube has a spherical reflecting mirror at the lower end which reflects and focuses the image back to the eyepiece on the side of the tube.  This provides for a relatively compact telescope design, but still offers a very wide aperture lens, which is great for collecting a large amount of light for nice bright images.

What is a Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope?

Russian Dimitry Maksutov basically designed an optical correction technique to adjust for the optical aberrations to adjust the alignment within the telescope, and thus lent his name to the existing Cassegrain reflector telescopes.  Overall, the Maksutov Cassegrain reflector telescope is a robust design with clear and bright optical images, which are perfect for either a beginner or experienced astronomer, who wants to extend their knowledge a little further into the universe.

The Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90mm Telescope is an excellent middle of the range telescope that not only offers excellent viewing magnification, but also takes some of the hard work away from the user.  The telescope is mounted on a sturdy tripod and incorporates a motorized control system to drive and track the telescope onto the target.  Even the targets are easy to find with a database with more than 20,000 celestial objects for you to choose from!

What are the features of the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope?Best telescopes

The most important aspect of this telescope is the wonderful wide aperture lens of 90 mm on the 1250 mm telescope tube.  Although a compact size, the Northstar BSH788890 provides an incredible amount of light for bright images, and a magnification of more than 300 times.

With a motorized control system, and a large database of potential targets, this telescope will keep you focused on the night sky.  Additionally, the Bushnell range comes with a red dot finder scope and simple control system to make it simple to use and easy to operate.

The Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90mm Telescope weighs in at just under 22 kilograms and is just under 400 mm long in total.  This means that you can carry the telescope around with ease, or pack it up and take it with you if you can find an unpopulated area with the best viewing potential away from the bright city lights.

What do users say about the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope?

For a middle range telescope, the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90mm telescope is very popular among amateur astronomers.  When we say middle of the range, what we mean in terms of both size and cost, the Northstar BSH788890 offers the best options in terms versatility and quality.  Most people seem to find the 90 mm Bushnell as excellent quality in terms of image quality, while at the same time, it is not too large or heavy fro one person to manage the instrument.  For around $400 we think this telescope offers the user excellent value for money, and will certainly allow the user to grow in experience, but also provide enough power to keep you interested for many years to come.


Advantages of the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope

Best telescopesThe motorized control system is the big winner with this telescope, which takes all of the hard work away from the user and lets you simple enjoy the experience of astronomy.  At the same time, it is simple to use, which means you won’t get lost or confused in the operations manual, instead you can remain focused on the stars and the universe.

This means that you get a reasonably high level telescope at a relatively low price.  Although not the cheapest telescope on the market, the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope is a very capable instrument that represents excellent value, and will allow you to gain experience while still have excellent magnification.

This telescope may not let you see into the depths of outer space, but then – what telescope will let you do that?  If you choose a good viewing location, you will certainly see the very best of the solar system, such as the planets, the moons around the planets, and even surface details such as Jupiter’s clouds, and the rings around Saturn.


Where can I buy the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope?

If you are interested in buying a Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope, then I recommend you look at Amazon where you do some further reading about this telescope, as well as check up on the many customer reviews that are listed at Amazon.  Click the link here where you will find the Bushnell BSH788890 Northstar 90 mm telescope at Amazon.


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