solar telescopes

Solar Telescopes

When most of us think about astronomy, and watching the stars in the night sky, we tend to completely overlook the most obvious star in our skies, and you can’t see it at night! Solar ... Continue Reading →
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Do you want to see Mars up close

Have you ever dreamed of what Mars would look like it if you could see it up close? Well, now we have an opportunity while Earth and Mars are actually approaching each other about as ... Continue Reading →
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Keep an eye on Mars – one day it will have rings! Yes – its been speculated about, and now scientists have concluded that Mars will one day have a set of planetary rings that will ... Continue Reading →
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Why can we see distant galaxies with a telescope but not Pluto?

Until recently, the only views we had of Pluto were distant and blurred images taken from telescopes on Earth, or maybe a little better taken from the Hubble telescope. Because of the ... Continue Reading →
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The Outer Planets and The Gas Giants

Jupiter through a telescope   Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet in the solar system, second only to the Sun in sheer size and volume. Named after the Roman King of the ... Continue Reading →
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Solar System – The Sun The Moon and the Inner Planets

The Sun – At the center of the Solar System       The center of our Solar System, the Sun, is a middle aged, common star, known as a yellow dwarf. So, not one ... Continue Reading →
Best Telescopes for Children

Telescopes for Children

I cannot think of a better way to spend some quality and motivational time with kids, than standing under a beautiful clear summer sky, with a wondrous view to the moon, the planets, ... Continue Reading →