Celestron 31045 AstroMaster 130 EQ Reflector Telescope

best telescopeCelestron 31045 AstroMaster 130 EQ Reflector Telescope


The Celestron 31045 AstroMaster 130 EQ Reflector Telescope is a great value for money option, with fantastic performance.  The most obvious thing you will notice with this device is the compact design and neat sized package that this telescope is presented.  Now don’t be fooled by the overall size of the telescope tube – as this is a Newtonian reflector, the design of this instrument means that it has an extremely large aperture which allows more light gathering into the optical light path of the telescope.  This allows for a brighter and sharper image to be focused within the telescope, and gives you the viewer, an very clear and enhanced view land and celestial objects.

Although shopping around can seem quite confusing, and there are many options to be assessed, here are some of the basic considerations that all of us need to take in.

1. Looks. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anything in this price range that looks more the part. The Celestron is a smart design with orange anodized components that offset against the metallic blue optical tube. This instrument looks like a lot bigger telescope than it really is.

2. Aperture. 130 mm is about as big as you’ll find at this price point. Size of aperture means more light which means more image. Do not focus entirely on the magnification like the department store telescopes. As a matter of fact this scope does not have the highest power on the market. With it’s relatively short focal length, it has other attractive features such as portability and ease of use, which are definitely big advantages.

3. Mount. A sturdy base is always important, and this mount is made from tubular steel legs, and offers a strong mounting base.  It could probably be a bit more sturdy, but that comes with higher cost and heavier to move around – your choice.

4. It comes with a 2 year Warranty by the manufacturer, which really speaks of the confidence that Celestron have in the AstroMaster Telescope.


What are the Key Features of the  Celestron 31045 AstroMaster 130 EQ:

  • Optical Design: Reflector Telescope
  • Aperture: 130 mm
  • Focal Length: 650 mm
  • Focal Ratio: 5
  • Eyepiece – number 1 = 20 mm for a magnification of 33 times
  • Eyepiece – number 2 = 10 mm for a magnification of 65 times
  • Tripod:  tubular steel  tripod
  • CD ROM: The Sky L1 software
  • Maximum Magnification: 307 x
  • Lower Magnitude: 13.1
  • Resolution: 1.07 arc second
  • Light Magnification Power: 345 times
  • Angular View: 1.5 degrees
  • Optical Tube Telescope Length: 609.6 mm
  • Weight: 12.7 kg

In Summary

With the Celestron 31045 AstroMaster 130 EQ you get the full benefits of a Newtonian reflector telescope.  This telescope offers a fantastic wide angle aperture to capture plentiful light, and the clarity to let you see images from near or far.  The Celestron AstroMaster produces bright, clear images of the Moon and planets. You can even see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with the magnifying power on offer with this telescope.  Now that is a sweet deal at this price!

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    Sep 29. 2015

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

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  2. Aaron

    Apr 19. 2018

    I think this is an underrated telescope – it offers excellent optics at a great price!

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