Coronado SolarMax II 90 Solar Telescope review

The Coronado SolarMax II 90 mm Solar Telescope is an extremely precision piece of scientific equipment, suited for those enthusiasts who want the very best in Solar Astronomy.

The Best Solar Telescopes

The SolarMax II provides RichView Tuning mechanism which allows the user to get the most out of this telescope, and you will not be disappointed in the viewing clarity. However, this solar telescope does not come cheap, at around $3500, and you have to consider that this telescope is restricted to observation of the Sun and does not convert back to a traditional optical telescope for night time observations.

However, you are assured of total safety in the use of this device, as it is a dedicated Solar Telescope which means that you cannot make a mistake during solar viewing and hurt yourself, nor can you do any damage to the equipment as it is fully designed and safe to use whilst viewing the Sun in the hottest and brightest time of the day.

The Coronado SolarMax II 90 mm Solar Telescope

The Coronado SolarMax 90 mm telescope comes equipped a Fully Integrated Hydrogen –Alpha radiation blocking filter which represents a much reduced light spectrum, down to less than 0.7 angstrom Bandwidth of visible light via a 15 mm blocking filter.  While this reduced spectrum is guaranteed to protect you and your equipment from the harmful rays of the Sun, this instrument collects more than enough light from the Sun through its superb 90 mm aperture, and stunning optics which have been tuned for Solar Astronomy by Coronado, who are the experts in Solar Astronomy for both amateur and professional astronomers.


Why Choose a Coronado Solar Telescope?

Coronado are universally accepted as the finest manufacturer of specialist Solar Telescopes in terms of bringing scientific grade instruments to the amateur astronomy market.  The Coronado range of solar telescopes is not simply a telescope fitted with a solar filter which can compromise the optical integrity of the telescope.  Rather, Coronado have developed the first ever mass produced range of dedicated solar telescopes using Hydrogen-Alpha technology, and produced the Coronado SolarMax range, of which the 90 mm aperture provides the most spectacular solar viewing for all astronomers.  The SolarMax II can be used by amateurs, professionals, and research astronomers for observation of the surface of the Sun, and to capture the finest details such as solar flares, surface prominences, sun spots and many other of the ever changing details of our nearest star.

The quality of the Coronado range of solar telescopes is second to none offering an extremely portable but also extremely powerful viewing platform for solar astronomy.  With stunning optical accuracy, you will be able to focus on the finest surface details of the Sun, and you will be amazed at the fantastic image quality provided by this professional grade instrument.


Product Description – SolarMax II 90 mm


Coronado RichView Tuning:

The Coronado Range by Meade Instruments presents the SolarMax II 90 mm Solar Telescope with RichView viewing system.

The latest Meade Coronado II provides an unheard of breakthrough opportunity for amateur and professional solar astronomers.  The Coronado SolarMax provides the best solar observation with a revolutionary RichView tuning assembly. This newly designed system allows total control of the tuning of the primary interferometer. No other commercially available Hydrogen Alpha telescope has the aperture size and optical accuracy of the SolarMax II 90 mm solar telescope.


Super accurate focus

The Richview imaging system allows for accurate and precise tuning to the exact wavelength of the Hydrogen alpha blocking filter.  Without such an accurate Richview tuning system, the risk is that the solar pictures would look like red blobs.  The secret to beautiful clear images is the ability to adjust the etalon interferometer in the main body of the telescope.
Now you can optimize and focus in on the highest resolution views of some of the most spectacular images of the surface of the Sun.  The Coronado SolarMax 90 makes it possible to focus in on active regions of the surface of the Sun, such as solar flares, filaments, and other surface prominences in real time, and as the surface features change, you can easily adjust your instrument to stay in focus.


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