Discovery Exclusive Sky & Land SL70 Telescope

 best telescopeDiscovery Exclusive Sky & Land SL70 Telescope


The very popular SL70 Telescope is a great tool for exploration of the world around us. Its biggest feature is its versatility, to be able to be used day or night, over land or sky, this very handy telescope can travel with you wherever you want to go, and is always close to hand for the spectacular view, or that picture perfect evening when you are outdoors.

It has been designed for optimum performance, whether you are viewing the moon, the planets or the spectacles of scenery and the animals right here on Earth.  The most important feature of this telescope is the high quality precision glass lenses made for day or night viewing.  To maximise your viewing pleasure, it comes with 9 mm and 25 mm eyepieces, and will work with any manufacturer’s 1.25 inch eyepieces. To complete the package, the Discovery SL70 telescope comes with a collapsible mounting tripod, easy and compact carrying case.

One of the best features of the Discovery Exclusive Sky and Land telescope and the design of the optics produces an upright image orientation which means you can use this device for terrestrial (land) and astronomical viewing.  Maybe you don’t always appreciate this simple fact, but for viewing the planets and the stars, there is not a big requirement for the image to be viewed in its correct orientation, which is ok for stars, but quite useless for overland magnification…  The Discovery Sky and Land Telescope makes no mistakes with the basics.

The tripod mount is sturdy with thick legs (thicker than other telescopes in its price range). Larger rubber eyepieces allow for more comfort. Control knobs are large and contoured allowing for users of almost any age to operate. The lens caps are hinged so you don’t have to worry about losing the caps.

The carrying case is padded and compartmentalized for the tripod, telescope, and for each lens.  There is a Velcro fastener for each small compartment. It is a great carrying case, and means that you can keep this in the back of the car so that always have it nearby.

In summary, I recommend this telescope for almost anyone.  Kids will be able to use it independently (once shown how to), beginners will have no trouble sighting up the moon, planets and the stars.  For those who like to travel around and make close up observations, this neat and compact Discovery Exclusive Sky & Land SL70 Telescope will always be easy to take on your travels.

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4 Responses to “Discovery Exclusive Sky & Land SL70 Telescope”

  1. Thomas Fox

    Jul 02. 2016

    I was recently given the Discovery Kids SL -70 telescope from a friend for my grandchildren use but their was not instructions or user guide. Can you assist me where I might get a copy or suggest where I might obtain one?

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    • Telescope Review

      Jul 27. 2016

      Hi Thomas,

      I recommend that you get in touch with Discovery directly, or drop a comment on the Amazon page asking for anyone who might have a copy you can borrow! Or else are there any readers who might have something for you?


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