Gskyer Infinity AZ 80 mm Refractor Telescope Review

The Gskyer Infinity AZ 80 mm is very impressive


Welcome to the Gskyer Infinity 80 mm AZ Refractor Telescope Review, and hopefully this is an introduction for you or your family to the wonderful world of astronomy.  Because that is what is on offer, with this incredibly versatile 80 mm telescope, which is light enough to pack up and take with you when you travel, easy enough to set up in your backyard any night you choose, and yet with its large 80 mm aperture, the Gskyer Infinity AZ 80 mm refractor telescope is powerful enough to keep the whole family intrigued at the wonder of the night sky!


Gskyer Telescopes are easy for everyone to use

The Gskyer Infinity AZ is an excellent all rounder telescope that provides all you’ll ever need in order to begin your astronomic adventure. Become the expert with this easy to use and easy to focus telescope and you will be able to impress your friends or children or anyone else who has an interest in expanding their knowledge of the stars and the universe.  Using this wonderful little telescope, you’ll be able to see all types of land and celestial objects with no trouble, and despite its small size, you will be impressed with its bright and clear quality images.

Unlike other types of instruments which concentrate on high power, and intricate design features, Gskyer Instruments specialize in simple to use telescopes which provide beginners and inexperienced users with a fun opportunity to learn about astronomy, while still providing excellent quality optical systems and great image quality.


Specifications of the Gskyer Infinity 80 mm Refractor telescope

  • Instrument Identification:  AZ80400Best Telescope
  • Optical Design: Refractor
  • Aperture: 80 mm.
  • Focal Length: 400 mm.
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Adjustable focus
  • Altazimuth tripod mounting system for steady viewing
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Slow motion control for accurate tracking
  • Quality optical coating
  • Quality optical lenses for best optical brightness
  • 3 additional eyepieces for extra magnification
  • Low – 25 mm (16 times magnification)
  • Medium – 10 mm  (40 times magnification)
  • High – 5 mm (80 times magnification)
  • Plus additional magnification from a 3 times barlow lens which effectively doubles the magnification power of each of the eyepieces above
  • Maximum total magnification = 120 times magnification
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comprehensive and detailed instructions included
  • One year warranty and product guarantee
  • Suitable for beginners, excellent starter telescope
  • Shipping Weigh = 8.6 Kg

How to use the Gskyer Instruments Infinity 80 mm telescope

Gskyer Infinity 80 mm Refractor

The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 80 mm telescope comes with all the instructions to get you started.  Straight out of the box, the telescope is easy to put together, and only takes 20 – 30 minutes before you are up and running with your new telescope.  That is the really exciting part, this telescope is designed to be used for fun and exciting astronomy, not the technical aspects of advanced techniques and so on.

But you still get an incredibly high quality optical instrument, with powerful and clear optical lenses, and high powered eyepieces are all included in the very attractive price.  Even though it is positioned at the lower end of the market, The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70 mm telescope is extremely well built, and beats some of the competition that are double the price of this one.


Advantages and drawbacks of the Gskyer Infinity AZ 80 mm Refractor Telescope

The Gskyer Infinity 80 mm telescope is a modern lightweight device that is extremely versatile and easy to set up and easy to use almost anywhere.  You can pack it up and take it with you when you travel on holidays, or you can set it up with ease in your very own backyard.  Despite its light weight and small size, it offers ample power and magnification for viewing of all of the major planets within the solar system, and provides especially bright and clear images of the features of the moon.

The tripod is a little low, which can make it difficult to get your eye line down low enough to be comfortable for long periods.  This is typical for a lot of refractor telescopes and is something we all learn about astronomy.  Maybe when you choose to purchase a larger telescope you may prefer to get a reflector telescope with its eyepiece at the top of the scope, which is much more comfortable for older astronomers!  But for now, the Gskyer Infinity AZ 80 mm Refractor Telescope is a wonderful and versatile telescope for all beginners, children, or those new to astronomy.


Summary of the Gskyer Infinity AZ 80 mm Refractor Telescope

The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 80 mm telescope offers a lot of telescope for a very low price, and for this reason alone, I recommend this telescope for anyone looking to explore the wonders of astronomy, or for anyone who has ever looked up at the sky and wished for a closer look at the incredible objects that are just out of reach.

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    You explained this exceptionally well! This is definitely one of the best telescope for the price

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