Gskyer Instruments Infinity 90mm Refractor Telescope Review

Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope - best telescope

The Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope offers excellent features and quality for all beginners and newcomers to the wonders of astronomy.  If you are unsure of what to look for in a new telescope, then the Gskyer Infinity provides the best mix of quality and features, such as a superb 90 mm aperture and excellent optical clarity.  This means you get bright images of distant objects, you get sharp and clear details, and this telescope is powerful enough to see most of the solar system, the Sun,(with suitable filter) the Moon, and even some amazing objects a little further away!

Gskyer Instruments Infinity 90mm AZ 600mm Refractor Telescope Review

Price – around $250

This telescope is very versatile, so you can use it during the day or night, you can use it for over land viewing or deep into the night sky.  The Gskyer Infinity 90 mm telescope comes with a strong and sturdy altazimuth tripod mounting system, which is easy to use, and keeps your focus steady for the best viewing experience.

I can only reiterate that the Gskyer Infinity series offers a great combination of quality and value, which will get you started in astronomy, and allow you to see the wonders of the universe.  Let your imagination run free – you will be truly amazed at what you can observe.  If you have ever wanted to see the moons around Jupiter, the rings around Saturn, the craters on the Moon, or the solar flares on the surface of the Sun, the excellent Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope will keep you satisfied, but always looking for more!

Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope – great all rounder

The Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope is also extremely versatile, so it is suitable for many different uses, such as land and sky, day time or night time, good for beginners or experienced astronomers, and is even suitable for taking with you on holidays, or when you travel.  So if you would like to introduce your children or young ones to the incredible experience of astronomy, then this telescope is ideal for taking with you when you go traveling and perhaps finding that ideal location away from the bright light of the city, where you can get incredible views of the night sky, and the best opportunity for that special view of a new celestial object, or even an old favourite.  Children, dreamers, travelers and stargazers will all love to experience the wonders of the universe with the Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope.

Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope review

Specifications of the Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope

  • Aperture: 90 mm.
  • Focal Length: 600 mm.
  • Focal Ratio: f/6.7
  • Adjustable focus
  • Altazimuth tripod mounting system for steady viewing
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Slow motion control for precision tracking
  • Coated optical lenses for best optical brightness
  • Quality optics for sharpness of image
  • 3 different eyepieces for extra magnification
  • Low – 25 mm (24 times magnification)
  • Medium – 10 mm  (60 times magnification)
  • High – 5 mm (120 times magnification)
  • Plus additional magnification from a 3 times barlow lens which effectively doubles the magnification power of each of the eyepieces above
  • Maximum total magnification = 360 times magnification
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comprehensive and detailed instructions included
  • One year warranty and product guarantee
  • Suitable for beginners, excellent starter telescope


Best features of the Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope

Without a doubt, the Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope offers all round performance and it is a very versatile instrument.  Representing an excellent blend of quality and performance, this telescope is an excellent starter telescope for beginners and even children who are eager to explore the wonders of the universe.  The 90 mm aperture lens allows for excellent light gathering ability, and thus provides extremely bright and clear images, and the extra magnification provides by the eyepiece attachments ensures that you will have excellent viewing power, and you will be surprised at how much detail you will be able to see of the solar system, and galaxies and stars beyond our little world.


Drawbacks of the Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope

The Gskyer Infinity 90 mm Refractor telescope is not a motorized or computerised telescope, so you will need to make your own adjustments to keep the instrument tracking on your subject.  This means you will have to constantly keep the telescope moving to stay in focus, but this is not all bad.  At least you can be sure that you always have the subject in sharp and clear focus, and if you don’t want to be bothered with all of the computerised control commands and latitude and longitude stuff, then you can just focus on the star gazing and enjoy the wonderful view of the universe.


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