Meade Instruments Personal Solar Telescope Review

Have you ever tried a dedicated personal solar telescope to observe the Sun?  If you have ever wanted to try Hydrogen Alpha filter technology to expand your solar astronomy, then you can now aspire to owning your very own Personal Solar Telescope from Meade Instruments.

Of all of the Solar Telescopes on the market, few of the dedicated day time telescopes are affordable enough to make ownership possible for most of us.  The more expensive Solar Telescopes tend to belong to the professional astronomers because of the high price tag, and the level of expertise required to use them.  So unless you are a devoted solar astronomy enthusiast, you would be better off converting your night time telescope into a solar scope by adding a safe and reliable solar filter.  While this is a great solution and allows you heaps more viewing opportunities to use your telescope both at night and during the day – there is now another option jphuzub.


The Meade Instruments Personal Solar Telescope for excellent optics

best solar telescopeMeade Instruments have released a truly Personal Solar Telescope (known as a PST) and this fantastic piece of technology is well worth your consideration if you have ever been interested in solar astronomy.  Designed by Coronado, Meade have released this instrument with some Meade optics attached to the Coronado base unit.

For example, the Meade Personal Solar Telescope comes fitted with a Meade Instruments 13 mm optical eye piece, which offers excellent focal properties, and partners with the PST to provide extremely sharp and clear images of the surface of the Sun.  With this device you will be able to study the many prominences and ever changing features on the surface of the Sun such as solar flares, filaments, sun spots and eruption events which will keep you captivated.


Meade Instruments Personal Solar Telescope with Hydrogen Alpha filter

If you have wanted a Personal Solar Telescope with Hydrogen Alpha technology then here is your opportunity to enter the realm of solar astronomy with your very own dedicated PST, at an affordable price.  The Meade Instruments PST is a portable, lightweight and easy to use telescope that is great fun and safe for the whole family to use.  With the Coronado Hydrogen Alpha filter system provided as a dedicated solar filter, you can be assured that your eyes will be totally protected from the dangers of observing the Sun, as well as the internals of the telescope being protected from damage.

Handy tips for using the Meade Instruments Personal Solar Telescope

1.  Magnification

If you want to improve the magnification of the solar images, you can try interchanging the 13 mm eyepiece with a different lens if you already have something that you prefer to use. It is not necessary to improve the focus or clarity of the image, but if you have a preference for a particular eyepiece, then by all means use whatever optical technology you have at your disposal.


2.  Blackout

Another tip for day time viewing of the Sun, and because of the general brightness of the day light, you might like to try a little old fashioned black out technology. Drop a dark coloured towel or blackout material over your head and the eyepiece of the telescope and you will be amazed how much easier you can view the images, and how much easier it is to adjust your eyes.  Sounds ironic – but it is true – the simplest of old fashioned technology, just like in the early days of photography, can make your solar viewing just that much easier and more enjoyable!  A small amount of blackout technology will go a long way to improving your enjoyment of this very interesting hobby!


3.  Take care with Focus

There seems to be debate amongst users that the focus on personal solar telescopes tends to be very narrow. This means that you should take a little more care to focus the Meade Personal Solar Telescope and when you hit that sweet spot, you will be totally engaged in observations of the Sun, with its ever changing solar surface.


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