Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope review

best telescopeMeade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope review

Great for beginners and children who have discovered their passion for astronomy, the Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope can be the best telescope for kids all over the world. You can offer it as a gift for your kid’s birthday or a bonus for good results in school, but you can be sure your child will definitely enjoy using this telescope!

The Meade NG60 60mm is a refractor telescope which means that it has a long tube with a lens in the end that is in charge of catching the light and send it to the eyepiece. Because of this lens, this type of telescope offers some of the cleanest images of the universe, but it can be used for both stargazing and terrestrial observation. The price is completely affordable at about $125 plus shipping and the standard package includes the scope, 2 eyepieces, a 3x Barlow, and an aluminum tripod.

Great for both the naturalist and the stargazer, the Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope is also a great gift for the friend who loves bird watching or likes to observe wild animals. This entry-level telescope packs both power and value within its optical tube with the help of an achromatic lens and a Meade NG altazimuth mounting that allows smooth movement. The two eyepieces allow for increased magnification power (78x and 28x respectively) and the 700mm focal length allows clear observation of the sky and terrestrial life. The telescope is mounted on a single-arm system and promotes manual controls of high precision for slow motion. All these allow for an extremely smooth motion of the telescope so you can track movement without getting any disturbances in the field of view.

The Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope is a great learning telescope so, as you or your children grow and learn more about the mysteries of the universe, you can study more and more objects. The standard package allows you to see the Moon, major planets, Saturn’s Rings, Jupiter’s primary cloud belt, and some galaxies and nebulae. Still, because the scope is low-end, the far objects will be small and details difficult to observe. Also, the Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope doesn’t follow objects on the sky as the mount is an altazimuth. This means that your activity as a celestial observer will be interfered with by the Earth’s rotation, allowing planets to drift away from your field of view. One of the best upgrades you could make for this telescope is acquiring an equatorial mount to track objects on the sky much easier.

Where can I buy a great telescope for children?

In conclusion, The Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope is a great choice for a beginner in astronomy and for people interested in terrestrial observation. It has a few flaws that make it not so popular among experts, but with a few upgrades, it is definitely a learning instrument, suitable for kids and beginners alike. We recommend it as one of the best telescopes for kids, as it’s an amazing instrument with great performance qualities. Considering the price and the power it packs, it is a great gift idea.

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  1. Heidi Reynolds

    Jan 11. 2018

    I discovered your Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope review and I found this information very informative and unbiased – thanks!

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  2. Ramona Jordan

    Mar 08. 2018

    I came to your Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope review | Telescope Hub page and noticed you have described a good quality telescope -I really like this one!

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  3. Kelli

    Apr 18. 2018

    I decided to leave a message here on your Meade NG60 60mm Refractor Telescope review | Telescope Hub page instead of calling you. Do you think that this telescope makes a good gift for children – is it a suitable telescope for kids to use?

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    • Telescope Review

      Apr 23. 2018

      Hi Kelli – the Meade NG60 Refractor telescope is excellent for children because it is easy to use, but it is a serious telescope!
      Good quality optics and sturdy base, so it gives a really good view of the stars and planets, which is important to keep kids interested.
      It is suitable for big kids also!

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