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 best telescopeMy First Lab Stargazer Telescope is ideal for children of any age.


Product Description Review

My First Lab Stargazer is a very good starter telescope at a very attractive price. If you’re looking for a low priced telescope for amateur space viewing for children, this is a good choice. Included in the price you get two lenses included (9 mm and 20 mm), as well as a 2 times Barlow lens, which gives you a range of four different magnifications. It is very simple to Assemble, as all the lenses and aiming site finders are secured with quick adjust screws, so no tools are required. The optics are surprisingly good for this price range, and if your child wants to take it to the next level, then you can very easily upgrade some of the optics as required.  For the curious child, beginners, or to self educate your kids, the Stargazer telescope is a perfectly fine beginner scope.

My First Lab Stargazer is a great little telescope built to last. Its durable construction and sturdy components are the point of difference from other children’s telescopes, which may tend to be a bit wobbly. This scope rests on a steel leg tripod which can be adjusted to any level to suit your kids. Strong enough to survive a little rough treatment, but good enough precision to keep kids of all ages interested. My First Lab Stargazer telescope offers four levels of magnification from 45x, 90x, 100x and all the way up to 150x magnification, which is rather stunning for a telescope in this low price range. That means all ages of children can enjoy their very first views of objects such as the moon, stars, and the planets, enough to stimulate their imaginations.


My First Lab Stargazer Telescope For Kids

Look at the detail included in this Telescope for Children of all ages!


Enjoy images of the Night Sky

My First Lab Stargazer Telescope is ideal for your child or children to enjoy the spectacle of the night sky. This telescope, which ideal for kids, of all ages is a fantastic way to introduce astronomy to your family and will easily give your kids a view of the moon, the planets, and even a tempting view into what lies beyond. This telescope includes a setup guide and contains helpful instructions for finding those astronomical delights.

Easy Setup – no frustration

After a quick and easy setup process, the Stargazer is ready to use – no problems at all. The telescope easily swivels from side to side, as well as simple azimuth changes, upwards and downwards, and provides an excellent range of views.

Simple aim the Stargazer towards the target using the Stargazer’s scope finder (which is included in the pack) and then finely focus and refine the alignment using the adjusters while looking through the telescope eyepiece. The adjustable mounting stand makes it easy to adjust to the height of a child of any age.

Please be aware that some adult assistance may be needed to set up and move the telescope, and I encourage this hobby as something best shared between adults and children.

Easy for the beginner

The Stargazer telescope is very sturdy and is mounted on a tripod stand which is included in the package.  Also included in the package are the 9mm and 20mm eyepieces and even includes a 2 times Barlow lens, which allows for a wide range of magnifications from 45 times, to 90x, 100x, and even out to roughly 150 times magnifications. You can very simply store eyepieces and lenses on the included accessory plate while they are not in use.

In Summary

Other appealing features of the scope include an azimuth mount and swivel for easy aiming.  Users really like having an easy time setting up the scope and enjoying relatively detailed views of the night sky, such as the rings on Saturn – now that is exciting! The Stargazer features excellent optical components, including quality glass optics, and additional eyepieces, all included in the package.  We recommend the Stargazer telescope for children of any age, as this introductory telescope includes everything needed for exploring the night sky.



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