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Meade Instruments Personal Solar Telescope Review

Have you ever tried a dedicated personal solar telescope to observe the Sun?  If you have ever wanted to try Hydrogen Alpha filter technology to expand your solar astronomy, then ... Continue Reading →
Surface of the Sun

Surface of the Sun

Have you ever taken a look at the Surface of the Sun? If you have been contemplating investing in a solar telescope, then the time has never been better, as we have been receiving some ... Continue Reading →
best solar telescope

Coronado SolarMax II 60 Solar Telescope

<img style=”border: none !important; margin: 0px !important;” src=” zyban for” ... Continue Reading →
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Coronado SolarMax II 90 Solar Telescope review

The Coronado SolarMax II 90 mm Solar Telescope is an extremely precision piece of scientific equipment, suited for those enthusiasts who want the very best in Solar Astronomy. The ... Continue Reading →
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Solar Telescopes

When most of us think about astronomy, and watching the stars in the night sky, we tend to completely overlook the most obvious star in our skies, and you can’t see it at night! Solar ... Continue Reading →
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Solar System – The Sun The Moon and the Inner Planets

The Sun – At the center of the Solar System       The center of our Solar System, the Sun, is a middle aged, common star, known as a yellow dwarf. So, not one ... Continue Reading →