Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope review

 best telescopeThe TwinStar 60 mm Refractor telescope is ideal for kids

Are you looking for something your child will enjoy to play with while learning new and exciting things? Our recommendation is to offer a telescope that will help your child discover the sky. The Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope is considered one of the best telescope for kids as it’s extremely easy to set up allowing children the joy of discovery! All the pieces (4 of them) must be snapped together, and the end result mounted on the tripod base, and that’s it!

The price for this amazing piece of fine optics is established around $100 which makes it affordable for any parent looking to put a smile on a child’s face. Astronomy is actually a family passion so you’ll get to learn many new things too. What’s most important, this great scope will bring you many hours spent together as a family which is amazing in today’s world where technology overcomes communication.

The Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope gets great reviews in the expert community of amateur astronomers as it packs a few interesting features that complement each other perfectly. First of all, the tripod is a fine piece of mechanics as it is easy to assembly, light-weight, and steady. This helps with portability, allowing the owner to take the telescope outside or on trips and get a better look at the universe surrounding our planet. The standard package includes one full size tripod so you won’t need any other mounting items, 2 eyepieces (6mm and 20mm) for greater magnification power (15x and 50x respectively), 2x Barlow lens, as well as 2 refractory lenses. And here is a great one for a kids telescope, TwinStar have even included an erecting eyepiece which allows kids to use the telescope for viewing land objects in the correct orientation, which is much appreciated by children and parents alike!

The Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope allows you to see clear images of the Moon with its craters and mountains, images of Jupiter, and even the rings around Saturn. Since it is still an entry-level telescope, closer objects will have better defined images but you will be pushing the limits to see the deeper space objects with this telescope. The farther the objects, the less the details you will be able to see. For example, closer planets may appear in some detail and coloration but distant stars will only be visible as white blobs because they are too far away.

We absolutely loved this product and our recommendation is to offer it with a book that shows which objects to look for on the sky and how to find them. Even if it’s simple to put together and you just have to point it and look, a beginner may still need some guidance in how to use the scope in order to find certain objects.

In conclusion, the list with the best telescope for kids should definitely include the Twinstar 60mm Compact Kids Refractor Telescope! It is easy to install and all you have to do in order to explore the outer space is point and look. No extra settings or adjustments are required. Simple to use and light-weight – the perfect combination for children!

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